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i want someone who’s never seen b99 to explain this screencap


is this live action cowboy bebop

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isn’t it weird that you can have friends but also have no friends at the same time

In Finnish there’s a kind of a distinction between this. “Kaveri” refers to a casual friend who you can hang out and have fun with, while “ystävä” is a friend who you can have deep and meaningful conversations and a strong connection with. Because we Finns have to make this distinction to not give a wrong impression when saying “I’m his friend”.

"Buddy" would correspond "kaveri

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"An ambivert is moderately comfortable with groups and social interaction, but also relishes time alone, away from a crowd." (via yansufiyan)

about me

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Thank you for the weekend!
Nice people, lot to see and experience

Tracon 13-14.9


Sawaki Suushi. Hyakkai Zukkan (1737)

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how do you read a poem
do you
stop after every line
read as written
analyse, absorb
do you
hear them in your head
your heart, the voice present
your own, the writer’s
friends, lovers, his or hers
I read them
with every cracked smile
shead tear, broken heart
troubled soul
used up to make
these words made to impact
make it so





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Movies directed by Mamoru Hosoda

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childhood augmented

childhood augmented

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